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Cohn Discusses Societal Death on Egberto Willies' Politics Done Right

Egberto Willies runs an absolutely first rate public affairs program called Politics Done Right. He is a skilled and knowledgeable interviewer. He puts together a fine slate of guests discussing the issues of our times. If you want to see just me talking, watch below. 

If you want a good example of one of Egberto Willies' full length shows, click here:

His YouTube channel can be found here:


Note that his is a political website - and his perspective is that of the progressive left. He substantially outperforms some of the mediocre fare that passes for liberal news television and radio. 


If you already are progressive, you are going to love this, as I do.


If you are conservative, you won't agree with everything you hear. But the materials he presents are more serious and thoughtful than those you have encountered in other wannabe left-leaning settings. 

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