Could the 2020 Election Be Stolen?


I hope this web essay turns out to be embarrassingly wrong.


I hope I have to take this essay down in the next few months, eat crow and admit I was paranoid and full of bananas.


The mass media devotes its coverage of the American elections to the security of the mail-in ballots. To be sure, questionable concerns about “election security” are being used to promote massive voter suppression. There will be widespread attempts to reduce the number of mail-in ballots cast and to disqualify as many mail-in ballots as possible.

There will also be attempts to intimidate minority voters at the polls.


All of this is a sideshow to the real danger.


America’s Electronic Voting Machines Are Not Secure.


The Russians Have Ample Capacity to Hack Any Electronic Voting System They Want.


So Do the Chinese, and So Do the Israelis.


None of those Nations Want to See Biden as President.


The Federal Agency in Charge of Protecting Our Voting Against Foreign Hacking is the Justice Department.

Twenty Six States Have Republicans Supervising the Election Within Their States.

This Means There Will Be No Significant Defense Against Hacking in Half Of the Country.

This Includes the Swing States of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas and possibly Ohio.


Don’t think for a minute that hackers will be happy giving Biden the popular vote while Trump wins narrowly in the Electoral College.


Once one has the capacity to stuff ballot boxes electronically, there is no reason not to go for an all-out victory for Trump. With enough fake votes, Trump can be given a substantial lead in the popular vote as well as a decisive electoral college victory.


The same process can guarantee Senate wins in Arizona, Texas, South Carolina and both seats in Georgia.


If the Justice Department does nothing to insure electoral security and electronic ballot fraud goes undetected, additional Republican races can be won in states that are supervised by Democrats. Certainly, the Justice Department will not pursue any cases of voting machine tampering that are discovered by the states.


If the voting totals do not reflect any previous measures of public opinion from pre-electoral or post-electoral polls, the argument will be made that Trump’s supporters are silent and do not appear in the polling data. All that matters is the vote totals and that the vote totals support Trump.


Democrats who take to the streets will look like antifa agitators who can not accept a bona fide electoral result that goes against them. This will justify the use of maximal force against anyone who dares to stand up and protest.


A newly empowered Republican majority will control the Presidency, the Senate, the Supreme Court, a majority of governorships and possibly the House It will be able to make permanent changes in electoral processes that guarantee long-term Republican domination. This will include the facilitation of voter suppression, and the extension of gerrymandering.


With no checks or balances, the newly elected government will be allowed to publish a Census that grossly undercounts population in liberal states, in big cities and in minority areas while scrupulously capturing every citizen in white suburbs and white rural areas. Such inaccurate counts will allow for a reapportionment of the U.S. House and of state legislatures to guarantee white conservative voters have substantial representation in future legislative assemblies, while liberals and minorities are reduced to the semi-helplessness of the disenfranchised population of Washington D.C. A new count cannot eliminate all left-wing influence. States in the Northeast and on the Pacific Coast will continue to be governed by liberal Democrats. Some purple states like Virginia may still be electorally competitive. But the structural tilt will be towards greater representation of whites and conservatives and the reduced representation of everyone else.


This transition will probably not be permanent. Ultimately, most authoritarian governments come to an end. Ultimately, populations tire of any party in power, left right or center, if persistent problems go unsolved.


But electoral inequalities can lead to permanent over-representation of minority powers that can last for decades and decades. In the nineteenth century, the electoral systems of much of Europe were not based on one-citizen-one-vote. They were based on highly skewed systems that intentionally disenfranchised or limited the influence of potentially leftist urban workers while favoring large landowners in the countryside. England required massive popular mobilizations and two Reform Acts, one in 1832 and one in 1867 to actually establish one-man one-vote. Before then “rotten boroughs” and other crude arbitrary delineations of electoral boundaries were used to increase the political power of the aristocracy. In Scandinavia, the number of votes one received depended on how much land one owned. Workers who lived in rented quarters were not allowed to vote. These systems lasted for a full half century. Fifty years is a long time.


Hopefully, I am being completely paranoid. By next December or next January, this essay might look completely idiotic.


I sure hope I am completely stupid. I am terrified of what happens if I am right.