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Coming Out This Spring!

My New Book from Cornell University Press!

The title is

(not surprisingly)


All Societies Die: How To Keep Hope Alive

This book is about the normal, natural way that societies die.

All societies ultimately die.

But there is a lot we can do to keep our society living longer.

The book lays out a new theory of societal growth and decline that turns traditional treatments of the same on their head.

Everyone knows that things are falling apart. People like to think this is the result of bad politicians … and we do have bad politicians. But things are falling apart in many different countries with many different political configurations.

Many people think the only way our society is going to die permanently is from ecological catastrophe. A few people think it will fall apart from the decline of traditional religion and family values. This is not what will kill the modern world.

The book discusses The Circle of Societal Death.


The Circle of Societal Death combines well-established principles of macrosociology, development sociology, economic history, women’s studies and social theory in completely unorthodox ways to generate a new theory of societal death.

The crises facing America are linked to parallel processes in Ancient Byzantium, the French Revolution, contemporary Somalia, nineteenth-century Japan, contemporary Colombia, Roman Palestine, contemporary Cyprus, the former ISIS Caliphate and many other societies very different from our own.


*  *  *


We can save the world if we choose to do so.

But we need to know how.

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